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We all have challenges in life so why gut it out alone? Help is here. If you are ready to remove the roadblocks getting in the way of living your best life, can handle a tell-it-like-it-is attitude, and enjoy humor, then we will be a good fit for counseling or coaching.

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Couples Therapy

Poor communication is the number one complaint I hear from couples that are struggling.

I often find what is really going on underneath is that people are not feeling heard or understood by their partners.

During your Couples Therapy sessions with me, I teach a communication tool that helps each of you to feel validated and heard even if your partner doesn’t agree with you. You will be able to use this communication tool at home with your partner in between therapy sessions.

I find that once you understand your partner’s dissatisfaction, and they understand yours, things start to turn around for the better.

Don’t wait until resentment builds in your relationship. You may find that just a handful of sessions will get you back on track! Sessions offered via video.

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