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We all have challenges in life so why gut it out alone? Help is here. If you are ready to remove the roadblocks getting in the way of living your best life, can handle a tell-it-like-it-is attitude, and enjoy humor, then we will be a good fit for counseling or coaching.

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Individual Therapy

I work well with people who wonder if they are too nice or may be put in the scapegoat role. Have you experienced anything like these scenarios?

Your boss comes to you at 4:30p on a Friday to ask you to create a spreadsheet on all the company’s losses before you go home for the weekend and you feel obligated to say yes.

Your romantic relationship stopped being fun years ago. You have a gnawing feeling you should have left but don’t want to hurt your partner. You find yourself agreeing to do the activities they like and going to the restaurants they prefer just to keep the peace.

When leaving a party with friends, you are asked to drive everyone home across the city because you are the most sober one, even though everyone has been drinking. Against better judgment you say yes.

Your mom and siblings blame you when things don’t go well, even though you were not involved in the drama. You find out after, that you were not included in get togethers. You often feel blamed and left out.

With the simple skills I teach, you will learn quickly how to retrain your brain to break free of worrisome thoughts and negative patterns. I help clients to have more satisfying friendships, romantic relationships, and family interactions.

"I help you create a life you are excited to live!"

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